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Nappy Liners

Make cloth nappies easy…

Nappy Liners


Nappy liners may be reusable or disposable. The use of a liner is optional. The main reasons for choosing to use a liner, is to catch poo, making disposal easier, or as a 'stay dry layer' to keep baby’s bottom drier or to protect nappies from creams or ointments.

Fleece does not absorb moisture which means it always sits dry next to the skin, it allows urine to pass into the nappy but does not let it pass back to the skin unless the nappy is totally saturated.

Paper flushable liners are disposable so they provide the most convenience during nappy changes. It is important to note that only a few paper liners are actually flushable. Check with the manufacturer to see if their paper liners are flushable, biodegradable and septic tank friendly before investing in any.

Whichever type is used, please note that you should ALWAYS use a fresh liner at every nappy change.


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